GRAPHICS: The price of a glass of milk

It’s a fact: the milk is getting more expensive. Why, and who benefits most? To find out, see what’s behind the price of a glass of milk (250 ml)

June 19, columnist Dubuc of La Presse tried to demonstrate the “problem” of Quebec milk prices by comparing it with the price of milk in the United States.


A fixed price in Quebec

First recall that the price of milk in Quebec is set by the board of agricultural and food markets in Quebec.

This award is established so it would cover the production costs of 50% of the most productive dairy producers in the province. In two words, it should reflect what it costs in Quebec to produce milk.

Currently, the supermarket, the liter of milk (4-l) is sold at a minimum price of $ 1.58 (maximum of $ 1.73).

This means that a Quebec 250ml glass of milk costs between $ 0.40 and $ 0.43.

In the US, a gallon of milk*** (3.8 L) is selling $ 1 * (on average, Canadian dollars).

The American milk glass costs $ 0.25.

In short, Quebecers pay their milk between 15 and 18 cents more than the other side of the border.

From the producer

Now push the calculation one step further: how the milk producer receives glasses of milk?

In Quebec, the gross price received by the producer (in 2011) is about $ 0.20 per glass of milk. To this, we must subtract about a penny for marketing costs (transportation costs, contribution to the Union of Agricultural Producers, advertising expenses, etc.).

In the US, the producer receives $ 0.13 for the same glass of milk. It is less. However, it enjoys government support. If it is difficult to establish precisely how many US producers receive public money (these data are not disclosed), a 2011 study ** estimated that for every liter of milk, the US producer receives $ 0.31 the state. This equates to $ 0.08 per 250 ml glass.

The amount of state support is an estimate. Except that in considering the margin of error, we can establish safe to say that they operate here and in our southern neighbors, dairy farmers receive about the same amount for their white gold.

The share of retailer

So why is it so expensive milk in Quebec? It’s not clear.

Clearly, retailers and processors grant higher margins in Quebec.

“According to a Senate committee, milk is more expensive in Canada because of the greater concentration of retail,” says François Dumontier, spokesperson of Milk Producers Federation of Quebec.

“In the US, producers are victims of large fluctuations in the milk price continue Mr. Dumontier. The milk crisis is real there. Moreover, they lead slowly towards a form of supply management, as in Quebec. ”


* Because they were more complete and for comparison purposes, we used 2011 data to perform our calculations.

** According to a study by the Nielsen Company commissioned by the International Federation of milk.

*** How much does a gallon of milk weigh: The weight of a U.S. gallon of milk will vary slightly depending on the liquid’s density, but it will normally be around 8.6 pounds.

Comparison of the small electric chainsaws

Base on this comparison of the best chainsaws

It can be complicated to find a chainsaw that meets our expectations. Between electric chainsaw and thermal chainsaw, one must take into account certain criteria such as make, model, size and length of the blade and the power of the machine.

That is why we have set up a comparison that will help you select the model that corresponds to the type of work you undertake. If this is your first visit to this site and you are looking to find a chainsaw model, we will explain how to choose in our buying guide. If you’re more into your first visit it and you’ve had a little problem with your equipment, you are unable to start your chainsaw for the first time, and you are looking for the best technique to use your chainsaw. You want to maintain before storing it for the winter or you do not know how to change channels …

Our chainsaws 3 / electric pruner favorite

To establish this ranking, we promoted small electric chainsaws as these devices are most often used for pruning.

Bosch AKE 40S

1  Bosch Chainsaw AKE-40-S-300×2661 electric chain saw is ideal for pruning branches effortlessly, with its chain speed of 9 meters per second. It can be handled easily since it weighs 4.1 kilograms with dimensions of 52.8 x 27.8 x 20 cm. the best handle chainsaw ever. Its “little more” lies at the new system that requires no tools to change the channel. This model comes in two powers: 1800W or 1900W. Its small size and light weight place it at the top of our ranking of pruner’s chain saws and of course with all the quality of Bosch products.


Black & Decker GK2240T

2Black-and-Decker-GK2240T-300×225 electric chain saw GK2240T is a bit heavier with a weight of 5.7 kilos, however, this small mass gain is understandable when we notice the 2200W power and the rotational speed chain which passes 12.5m / s. Black & Decker has also thought about your security with instant channel brake (stop in less than 0.15 sec). A little less handy then, but more powerful, furthermore, it has a 2-year warranty for parts and labor.




Einhell RG-EC2240MG

3Einhell RG-chainsaw-EC2035TC-300×110 as it has a power of 2200W and a blade rotation speed of 16 m / s. We especially liked the chain and the quality of chain guide plate OREGON, one of the best brands in the industry. It ranks between its two competitors at handling with a weight of 5.2kg and dimensions of 56 x 25.5 x 43 cm. It is suitable for cutting small diameter trunks for pruning or for heating with its 35cm blade or shorter than 40cm from the two previous models.


The uses of chainsaws

The uses chainsaws are very diverse, as we have already seen a little higher, depending on their eating styles (electrical or thermal) it has different uses.

Moreover, the saw is an extremely effective tool for cutting logging activities like felling, limbing, pruning, firewood flow and many others. The manufacturers of these devices have developed a wide range of models suitable for all situations. To perform odd jobs at home, a small, handy electric chainsaw will be sufficient. By cons, for intensive use, it would be best to invest in a thermal model with a much better power and a more consistent length of the chain guide.


Make a real home for your chickens with simple tips

raising-chickensGrowing chicken is a great experience to your families as well as children that need natural environment for your home or garden. To build a chicken coop is a simple process that you have a need to buy some materials such as wooden pieces, concrete blocks, nails and screws, hammer, chicken wire and anything else that you need. Once you have decided to start building a chicken coop you have to put some efforts to make proper shelter and protect your predators to be safe. The first thing is to make a plan how many chickens is going to keep in the coop and make sure that how long it will be matured.

Once you have decided to start then make sure about your plan and materials and you have to follow your plan until you build a proper shelter to your predators. How to build a simple chicken coop there are few building tips to be considered before starts your plan. The structure of chicken coop should be powerful to protect chickens from the different weather conditions. When you start to build coop you begin with foundation and make sure that to be strong for protecting the predators. The good ventilation helps to prevent air that enters the coop and gives enough space to letting it out.

Portable chicken coop makes easy moves

The portable chicken coop is one of the best ways to build a safe home for your chickens. These coops are very innovative that can make easy movable to some other areas on a regular basis. The important thing to be considered before start building coop is to consult your city ordinance because in larger cities it may not be compassionate but in rare places you have a permit. Before construct portable chicken coop you need to prepare to build plan and some advanced tools to build even you can also build this portable coop by using common household tools.

The portable structure coop always keeps your chicken to be safe so you have to follow proven building plan. While building your coop, the reliable protection is needed to prevent your fowls from other predatory animals. The maintenance of chicken coop is the ultimately responsible for you that will help to clean the coop and collecting eggs as well. If you want to build simple chicken coop successfully then you must follow all the important factors for better construction.

Find best chicken house plans to build

When you start to make chicken coop you have to make some online research prior about the chicken housing plans. How to build a chicken coop with a free plans there are good set of plans available to make effective housing for chicken that will be easy to follow and make you to build coop quickly. These plans are necessity for making chicken house with exact materials that you need. For making a chicken coop by own is the best way and much cheaper than ready made one. Let you prefer proper structure plan to make easy chicken house and keep your predators in a safer way with more comfortable.

Camping Tips for the Beginner: Preparation

Camping with the huge family is something people did already since childhood. For those who consider it as another way to celebrate the holidays, it is a different story. How do you do that, go camping? Read my experiences with camping, including the cost of the tent and accessories, cooler, clothing, shoes and a system for loading.

The cost of camping

Let me start with the financial aspect of camping. It costs money of course. If you want to retain a certain degree of comfort, it will cost you even a lot of money, because you can absolutely make it as expensive as you want. What surprised you entirely was that you need so many things. Fortunately, you have many choices which help you to solve everything in different ways. Since everything we had been in the car, we had to find the most suitable sizes, which makes it all a lot more expensive. Despite all your research, we lost more money than you had thought. And in hindsight, we might have been better able to opt to buy a caravan. If it had been just as much fun as we were glamping (glamorous camping), where you use a ready made tent that is fully furnished. Remember do not drag with all kinds of stuff, only clothing, and ready-been-done.

The tent and accessories

1 2

Anyway, we chose to camp in a tent. There are so many types of materials, shapes, layouts, sizes that cost you lots of time, so start on time with orient, but also realize that the bigger the tent, the bigger and heavier the pack volume you get. It must still fit in the car of course.

The cooler

One of most expensive thing we need is the cooler. Can not making a choice was not too bad because there are different systems and between those systems there are huge price differences. Space in the car forced us to look for the smallest sizes; it had to fit between the children back seats. We want it in any case greater than 24 liters (the usual standard content). So we finally got out on a compressor cooler with converter, which totals is EUR 350 certainly which costs additional budget than we originally thought to spend. Quite expensive, but it was what we need. Of course, you are lucky if you can find second-hand stuff. However, I have noticed that you are fortunate enough to have what you need at that precise moment.

Clothing and footwear


A surprising truth is that you need less clothing than you think. The children are all day outside. For one week you need only two sets of clothes for the play ( the one set to dry while the others wear), one set of decent clothes for outings, swimsuits, one long jogging pant and jacket for the cold evenings or fresh mornings. However, a number of shoes are another story: slippers, boots, and dress shoes. This seems to be not so much, but if your family consists of four people, it will come into a mountain of shoes.

A system for loading

If you have purchased and collected everything, then what should scare them all. The only way to find out whether everything is ready or not is to get them in the car for once. Believe me, it’s a lot of work, but it saves your time. It is also better for your peace of mind. We have bought ourselves a roof box. The heavy things go in the trunk, while the light stuff in the roof box. They say that the chances are slim that everything gets wet in the roof box, but the sleeping bags are what I want to take any chances, so I have them packed in waterproof bags. Remember also continue to carry no tie. If you are overwhelmed by strong winds, it is wise to use a strap to be sure to keep close the roof box.

The biggest drama yet you found really loading and unloading of the vehicle. It simply is not a nice start and end of the holiday. The only solution is to devise a system there. Which I found myself in the square cooler bags, which fit into a crate. They are light, lockable, waterproof, have a fixed size, but are still flexible. Things that belong together can be packed in a single bag. Each bag is given a label, so you know what’s inside without having to open the bag. There will only fit light material. They are perfect for storing in the roof box, even by the flexible material.

And then you’re finally ready to leave the campsite.